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FSBO Sellers -
A Successful For Sale By Owner Home Sale Can Be Yours!
With A Web Page and Marketing Package Designed for FSBO
Sellers !

"Market directly to the very people who want to buy your house and are ready to buy now
"Distinguish your home from the thousands of other FSBO properties currently for sale
"Stop wasting time and money trying to sell to the wrong people in the wrong places!

Successfully sell your home FSBO on the Internet!

Get your FSBO home or other real estate out there where potential buyers will see it, so you can sell it quickly and for top dollar.

We will give you the help you need to get attention from people who are ready to buy.

What Services Do We Offer the FSBO Seller?

Getting Your Home Shown On Tons of FSBO Listing Sites !

Our service includes extensive listing of your property. You will be able to list your home quickly in practically every place that a buyer could look! This includes...

  • Your property listed on over 100 free FSBO web sites
  • Your property listed on the first page of major search engines, including Google
  • Your property listed on Craigslist, Trulia and more
  • Your property listed on Yahoo! Real Estate**
  • Your property listed on web sites specific to your location
  • Your property listed on chosen major for-fee sites that usually charge up to $99

A home sold fsbo

Your Very Own Professional Property Web Site

Besides getting your house listed in over 100 different places, we will give you a professionally designed FSBO home web site.  This site is something that few home sellers will have, and will put you a cut above everyone else.

  • You no longer have to be restricted by the word count limits of regular listing sites. The professionally designed website you will receive allows you to list whatever you want about your home.
  • On your web site, you will be permitted to place an unlimited number of full color photos.
  • Yopu can give potential buyers a virtual tour of the house, inside and out. 
  • View your own hit counter that lets you see how many people are looking at your home.
  • Website hosting is included free with the price of our bundle! That alone can cost over $50.

These services can be yours for a one-time fee of only $59.95!  We will support you all the way through the process, and offer a 100% money back guarantee if you have any problems with our site or listing services.

(...and if you're a realtor, we can help you out, too, with branded property information websites! Just give us a call or send us an'll be happy you did!)

Our Professional FSBO Web Pages

The statistics tell us that our FSBO services work.  FSBO sellers overall have a fairly low success rate of less than 20%. Since we started offering our services to sellers in 1996, our clients have had a success rate of more than 85%!� Our web sites and listing services have been tailored over the years to become exactly what you need to sell your house.

"Guess what?! We sold our home in less than 6 weeks. We are so thrilled...Your Web Site was a tremendous help in
everything we did. We would recommend you to anyone and we definitely are glad we sold our home ourselves
and saved $17,290 (a 7% realty commission)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" M. and V. Booth, Deland, FL

Unlimited Content: You Choose What Your Visitors See

If you get one of our FSBO web page packages, you will be able to include everything you could possibly want. Our sites are much more versatile than any classified ad or other property listing. You can include unlimited information about the house and, if you want, unlimited pictures. If you think buyers will want to know something, you have total freedom to put it up!

With a single one-time fee, you will get a web page that is ad-free, and has no word limits or time limits.
While the basic $59.95 website package comes with 3 photos, additional photos and/or virtual tours are available for a nominal fee.    (Want to see some examples? Then click here!)

Maintenance and Changes Whenever You Need Them!

The best part about our service is that you don’t need any previous technical experience. We manage the whole thing for you, and all you have to do is tell us what you want.  If needed, we’ll even scan your photos for you. Plus we'll clean up your photos if they come out with a poor quality level, no matter how you send them to us.

We will also update your page for you at no cost whenever you feel it is necessary. Are you having an open house next week? Do you need to change your contact information? Want to change the price?  Let us know, and we’ll make the changes for free.

All this is included in the one-time cost.
 There are no monthly fees!

Advertising That Will Drive Potential Customers Straight to Your Home!

Advertising All Over The Internet

We know that over 99% of buyers, when searching for a home online, do not search for 'FSBO' or 'for sale by owner' properties. But we also know that most FSBO sellers do search that way when considering selling their homes themselves.

As a result, most FSBO sellers easily find For Sale By Owner web sites that focus all their advertising on attracting sellers, not buyers...and that most FSBO sellers think that those sites are a great place to advertise because they, the seller, easily found them.
Unfortunately, with no attempt to market to buyers, potential buyers never even find homes advertised on those FSBO sites. As profitable as that is for those FSBO sites, we think that's a real shame.

We have been involved in the Internet real estate marketing business for more than a decade, and have watched all of the trends. We know what works and what doesn’t.  We know what sites are worth being listed on...and what aren't.  We know whose hype to believe...and whose not.

Frankly, when your site goes online, simply being on the web isn’t enough. To succeed, your site needs to be placed where buyers are going to see it.  If someone is looking for a home, you want them to run across your site. To encourage this, we will register your site with numerous free real estate and FSBO sites all over the web...sites that we know market to BUYERS!

In addition, some of the top FSBO sites, such as Online Realty Sales and Yahoo! Real Estate** charge hefty fees for real estate placement, but we will list your property at no extra charge to you. Plus, if you wish, we will also list your home at for-fee sites not in our network at your request for a minimal fee.

** Does not apply to all areas.  Yahoo! Real Estate has restrictions on some listing locations.  But, if your home can be listed there, it will be listed there.

Here is another satisfied customer:

"Just wanted to drop a note, our house is under agreement, for full price. Because of your website
only very interested parties called for visits. Thank you again for a great job." C. Casamento, Bolton, MA

Get Noticed By The Search Engines

Besides just listing your site on the regular FSBO property sites, we will register your property with all the major search engines...and this means that not only do you get the attention of people browsing on the real estate sites, but you also get buyers directly from major search engines like Google, MSN, AOL, and Yahoo. This will increase your exposure greatly and drive people to your site.

Indeed, in most cases, your property will be listed on the first page of Google! Talk about great exposure.

Not only that...but we now get your property listed on all the popular classified ad services -- Craigslist, Topix, Trulia and Backpage!!

"Just wanted to let you know that I am happy with the webpage and your services (the best I have seen on the web).
I have been passing along good things about your company!!!"
... then ... "We sold our house! Thanks for the help
and I will certainly use you in the next Iverson FSBO adventure."" K. Iverson, Fayetteville, NC

We Stick With You Until You Sell Your Home!

Until you sell your home, we will constantly make efforts to keep your traffic flowing steady with people who are interested in buying a house. We will refresh your registration with the search engines to insure that you don’t fall off the list.  For as long as it takes, we provide web site maintenance and web site well as keeping your web site available for buyers to look at. There are no monthly fees for this!

We offer many other resources that will come in handy for anyone involved with selling a house. Here are some of the optional features that can be included with your site at no extra charge.

    • Community resources, including web sites of local schools and communities.
    • An online map to show people where your house is located.
    • A hit counter to you can see how many views your site is getting.
    • Links to mortgage calculators and other home buying guides for the benefit of those who are considering purchasing your home.

"WOW!! That looks awesome! You guys do really good work! You guys have made it possible for me to afford
really good advertising. Thank you." D. Dye, Coulee City, WA

And, should you want FSBO advertising sites updates..not on your website (which is always free), but on the FSBO sites themselves...such as price changes, or want your home readvertised because some ads expire after 30-60 days, we can do that do for a more-than-reasonable fee. But even if you don't want us to do this for you, your property website will stay up for as long as you need!

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